April 2, 2008

Guidebooks as Gurus (or not)

A teething baby, a musing mind and ample time on the road has me guest blogging at Perceptive Travel this week, relieving regular blogger and new mom Nia Malchik.

The topic: When should you toss your guidebook? (Funny question for a guidebook author). Check it out and leave a comment...

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Kip Jones said...

I guess I have to agree with Omar, even though I'll likely tote along one of the guidebooks you've helped author when I make it to Chile.

Only recently have people been able to make it halfway across the world without first having to develop the skills necessary to make it across our own back yard. Your article is a quiet testament to why we should research intensively, study hard, and then not be impatient or ornery when things inevitably turn out differently than how we plan them.