April 8, 2008

The Power of Patagonia's Rivers

Raging pure rivers and untapped wilderness put Patagonia among the planet's great wild places. But Chile's thirst for energy means that ten of Patagonia's great rivers are currently under threat by dams.

This austral summer I journeyed to the ultra-remote Pascua River. My trip had a motive akin to a new form of tourism: seeing the sights while they still exist. To hear about my trip, check out this feature in the Boston Globe Sunday Travel section.

A NY Times editorial on the same subject came out on April 1, 2008.

To learn more about dams and their effects, check out the World Commission on Dams report.


Tim said...

Hey there Carolyn, nice blogsite! Saw that you got the NY Times article up. If interested you might add this too!
also in your other post there is a yellow toyota that looks just like my pickup truck, okay a bit more beat up!

Cheers Tim

Travelburro said...

Fascinating article, Carolyn. And the blog's lookin' great, too. Love the new banner! - d

stereonauta said...

Great piece Carolyn, as always, brilliant. Hope to join sometime soon and travel Patagonia. Abrazos, Andres.