September 29, 2010

Dear Delta pt II: the response

Dear Ms. Mccarthy,
RE: Case Number 1547155

Thank you for sharing your recent traveling experience and requesting
compensation. On behalf of Delta Air Lines, I sincerely apologize for
the inconvenience you and your wife were caused due to flight
interruption and baggage mishandling.

I am truly sorry for the inconvenience caused when our flight was
delayed on the tarmac waiting for an available gate. We want to make
every effort

to deplane all passengers in a timely manner, especially
those passengers with a connecting flight. It was unfortunate to know
that your plane was waiting for 40 minutes on the tarmac for gate.

Additionally, I express regret for the inconvenience caused when your
connecting flight was not held. Please know that any decision to hold a flight for connecting passengers is made on a case-by-case basis. Respectfully, our team members at the gate are responsible for an on-time departure. I also recognize the plane was still at the gate andthe jetway was in place. At that point, the flight had been secured for departure and, again, I apologize the door was not reopened for you.

Moreover, as our customer, you are in the best position to point out
areas that need attention. Our goal is to provide proper assistance to
our passengers at all times. I am keenly aware of the need to listen to our customers and follow up on problems they bring to our attention. I have always felt that our passengers are the best judge of our service. I act contrite in this instance you did not receive the service you expected and should have received.

Additionally, I am truly remorseful for the inconvenience you were
caused with your baggage. Like you, we certainly wish that instances of mishandled bags never occurred. I can imagine how annoying your
situation must have been when you have to be same clothes for 48 hours.
I realize that sincere apology may not erase the negative impact of your experience, but I hope that an immediate recognition of them will
symbolize our commitment to a future partnership. Please know I will be sharing your comments with our responsible leadership teams for internal follow up. Your feedback is valued and we thank you for taking the time to bring this disappointing experience to our attention.

In conclusion, the gesture of $100.00 we extended was not meant to place a value on your experience; rather it was an attempt to make amends for your disappointment with our service. Respectfully, additional considerations would not be due.

Ms. Mccarthy, thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. By
bringing forth your concerns, you give us an opportunity to review our
operations and improve our services. As a valued SkyMiles member, your
business is important to us and given the opportunity of serving you in
the future, I am confident Delta will not only meet but exceed your


Vincent P. Harley
Coordinator, Customer Care

My response:
September 29, 2010

Dear Vincent,
Let me first express my pleasure at having contacted an actual human being at Delta. I appreciate your prompt response and must say it took some time to read through your loquacious email to get to the bottom line: “additional considerations will not be due.”

While I appreciate the apology, it seems somewhat lacking in the sincerity it purports to possess (thank you, I was not traveling with my wife). Careless passages like this one arouse my suspicion that your letter was only lifted from an apology issued to another poor sot to whom additional considerations will not be made.

In order to effectively make amends for my disappointment in Delta’s service, I still would like to be reimbursed for the aforementioned costs I incurred. Therefore, I would be most pleased if the responsibility leadership teams you speak of can re-evaluate my case.

Carolyn McCarthy
Case Number 1547155

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