September 26, 2009

A Day in the Life

· Start in the highlands. Bus 1.5 hrs to the regional capital, grab a taxi and research furiously to make the last southbound bus.
· Wait while a hotel receptionist prolongs a personal conversation. Minutes tick.
· Just make the bus without time to hit a bathroom first.
· Notice how the bus stops every 10 feet.
· Listen to some very loud reggaeton.
· Endure.
· At transit point, take another bus.
· Arrive to your destination, a place without phone reception, internet or taxis.
· Start the mile walk to lodgings.
· Lodgings dirty.
· Walk an extra mile to beach cabins.
· Find a rogue wave has taken out your beachfront lodgings. Locals say this hasn´t happened ever in their memory.
· Return to town, 2 miles, in noonday sun with backpack.
· Passing car does not stop.
· Visit another lodging. Sweat beads your face. Listen as a surfer´s girlfriend lying in hammock violently disses XX publication. You work for XX publication. Smile and leave.
· Find a place with one room left.
· The manager is out surfing.
· Watch a six-year-old wax his surfboard.
· Wait.

(to be continued...)

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