April 4, 2009

Hostel Takeover

When Santiago's main newspaper, El Mercurio, called me, I assumed they were selling subscriptions. But no, they wanted to know about hostels.

No Chilean I can remember has ever expressed interest in hostels. Then came that word "crisis" whispered round the globe.

Luckily, backpackers know the concept of creative underspending. First point-today's hostels are not yesterday's sticky chicken coops sprinkled with dirty laundry. In fact, they've gone slick, with high design, sociability and sustainability. Is there a major chain hotel in Chile that recycles? Serves real coffee and second cups? Separates organic waste? Draws hand lettered maps to the bars with live music? Maybe it's logical that, as the baby-face of the industry, hostels should be trend setters. Let's just hope the rest follow.

If you're looking for your next digs in Chile, the article may be a good start.

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