November 29, 2008

How the Other Half Hikes

(a literal mountain playground)

In the Lakes Region, hop the border to Argentine and you'll find a vastly different reality. Let's just say their Swiss ancestors taught them a thing or two. It's not just the chocolate shops in Bariloche. Mountain huts (refugios) with hot showers serve homemade beer. Trails are marked.

This should not appeal at all to your sense of adventure. But if you're curious, check out BolsonWeb.

Brand new Refugio Natacion; a crossroads; the glacier-centric Refugio Cerro Hielo Azul; Non-native fauna


Anonymous said...

Carolyn, just read your last two entries; sounds like you are having fun. Do you have a trek-map of some kind, would be fun to see where you've been. I'm in Oslo for a few days, but will be back in Boulder this weekend to pack up the last few things and get the container going. Take care :-)


Meg Simone said...

WOW WOW WOW! How amazing is that natural playground! I can't wait to see you in Jan!

WildBlueYonder said...

I´ve no maps at this point (good idea), but started in the Lakes Region of Chile and Argentina and am now in Central Patagonia (near Coyhaique), heading south... Good luck with the move! Looks like I´ll have to come to Oslo for a ride in the T-bird!