May 17, 2008

The Four-legged Refugee

Meet Moncho. This alias, named for the driver Ramon who saved him, is the best anyone can do. He was found in Chaiten, Chile after a week of volcanic eruptions and floods made the survival of local animals less and less likely.

Until two weeks ago, Chaiten didn't even know it had a volcano. Now it looks like this seaside Patagonian village may not be habitable again. No lives were lost--the government hi-tailed residents out on ferries and closed shop via presidential decree. Left behind, in addition to farm animals, are some 500 pets and strays.

Citizen activists and veterinarians rescued some 75 pets last weekend, vaccinated, spayed and neutered the lot and are looking for caregivers or pet parents.

If you happen to be traveling in Chile and still haven't gotten anything for Grandma...well, who needs a Puerto Montt ashtray?

Pet carriers, food and medecine are also needed. If you're interested in helping in some way, contact non-profit animal rescue center Albergando un Amigo at

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