October 15, 2005

Ecuadorian bus decor

The coastal bus from Manta

1. 2 photos of driver and bus, right angle, left angle
2. cd player thumping ¨psycho cumbia¨ (accelerated version)
3. floral scarf tied over dash, secured by a pink banana clip
4. 1 rainbow Jesus sticker, 2 regular Jesuses (miniature), 2 virgin marys, 1 saint (unknown)5. magazine cutout of nude female backside wrapped in white bow in privledged location next to rearview mirror
6. approx. 2 dozen Tweety and Pooh stickers on red fur trimmed rear-view mirrors
7. one side window silhouette of male and female nudes, face to face, female in stillettos.
8. 3 old air fresheners
9. the following bumper stickers:
god guides me and my way (yellow)
if your daughter cries and suffers, it´s the job of a woman (red)
if you pass me tell your old lady I´m coming from behind (yellow)
drivers work for women and the wine (red)
(I) sting on eye contact (red)
10. 1 dangling teddy bear, 4 national football stickers, One virgin with crown and scepter holding Jesus in free hand, one extralarge playboy bunny sticker, one eighteen inch blonde in bikini, 10 red and green christmas tree bows swimging from curtain fringe
11. One faded greeting card of doe-eyed girl in original plastic (contents unknown)
12. wooden keychain carved with palm tree and TERESA
13. The short leash from which both hang
14. One worn facecloth, red
15. 2 Bart Simpson Chick Idol stickers
16. One marbelized steering wheel, red
17. Window inscription ¨Me sigieras viendo toda la vida¨ (you´ll keep seeing me all your life).....

Happy Colombus Day and safe trucking...

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